Sunday, March 06, 2005

Update Part II

In terms of my personal life, I believe I have finally settled into a social niche that I am comfortable with. A group of reliable friends and a big improvement in my love life. No girlfriend yet, but I have been dating quite a lot. When it rains, it pours. After going through quite a dry spell, I am currently dating 3-4 women, thanks also in help to online service. Out of the 3 I am truly interested in considering a relationship with one of them, a fellow intern at my hospital. We went out on a fabulous date to a great sushi restaurant in Midtown this past week, which I have been wanting to take her to for a while now. She is gorgeous, smart, and our conversation flowed as freely as the bottle of wine prior and the 2 bottles of sake during dinner. The only issue is how busy she is and how slow this whole courting process has become - I've known her for a few months now and was only able to finally get a date this week. Now she is on night floats until Saturday morning and won't be available until next week. She's worth the pursuit however! I feel like with the other women I'm seeing are just biding my time until something truly fantastic comes along. Not like I have anything better to do!


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