Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Days! Happy Days!

Today is a happy day. First, I am on my first day of Anesthesiology as part of my intern year rotations, in my own department, with my own peeps, with my own attendings (even though none of them know me). The one time this year where I am "home". Attended 3 hours of lecture this morning, on cardiac physiology and most of it very useful, on the utility and function of the Swan Ganz PA catheter in clinical situations. Afterwards, they sent me home! Hence the blogging at 2 pm.

Once again, can't believe the year has gone by so fast! Unbelievable. After these 3 weeks in Anesthesiology, I only have 5 weeks of surgery (bleh), 3 weeks of ER (even more bleh), and 3 weeks of NICU (mini bleh), and 2 weeks of vacation (YIPPEEE!!). And spring is just around the corner. All of which adds up to a happy me, after finishing 9 straight weeks of ICU.

As for an update on my love life - things have been of uber molassas quality with the pediatric intern. I call her, and get a response 5 days later. The messages however, are sweet and sound like she is still interested. Therefore I have no idea what the situation is. Things can't be going that well however, if a girl is waiting days and days to get back to me, regardless of how busy she is. So here is the summary of this relationship:

Boy meets girl with her friend in my lobby (girl lives in same building, 100 ft apart, 2 floors down)

Boy talks to girl briefly at hospital resident get together at local bar. Girl spends rest of night talking to asshole surgery resident (ASR) who has live in girlfriend but still trying to hit on her

Boy gets invited to girl's birthday dinner week later, ASR is sitting rigth next to her, I sit on the other side and we vye for her attention all night long. She splits time 50/50, friends tell me she's interested in me.

Boy plays phone tag with girl for week and a half. She cooes "look forward to hearing from you when I get back!"

Girl goes to California for week and a half

Boy calls girl, have nice 30 minute conversation, asks for date and is granted without hesitation

Boy and girl have excellent date (see previous posts) but nothing occurs (no motion to kiss, hold hands etc)

Girl calls boy next day to thank for date

Boy calls girl saying "I burned you a CD of the jazz you liked at my place for your evening runs by the river, let me know if I can fix your Ipod"

Girl is on night float for a week, calls back 5 days later saying "you are so sweet and considerate, blah blah blah, call me back"

Boy calls girl back the same day, twiddles thumbs for few days waiting for response (none yet), and writes this blog.

Well, it feels good that I wrote this all down. Does anyone from an outside perspective know how to read this? BTW, boy has nice abs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Dating during residency sucked for me. It still sucks in private practice. And I thought SF was supposed to be a singles mecca...maybe not for heterosexuals. Hope you have better luck than I do!

3:28 AM  

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