Saturday, January 29, 2005


God is cruel and unjust. How else do you explain a 27 year old woman who was just married 3 months ago who develops a massive unresectable sarcoma of the neck invading major vessesl, the esophagus, and compromising her airway? Chances are the woman will never breathe on her own or eat again, let alone live with her new husband, catch butterflies with her children in a sunny garden, or sip tea and read the paper on a snowy winter day. If this case does not make you angry, then you have no soul.

There is more to the meaning and role of a physician than my attitude usually conveys. Regardless of the medical climate nowadays, the threat of malpractice, insurance companies dictating patient care, despite the cynicism and loss of commitment, there is a compassionate side of medicine that in moments does shine through and allows me to refocus on who I am as a physician.

I urge everyone to read the special health report section in the US news and world report. The US medical system is in serious trouble, and even as a fledgling intern I have serious resevations on how care will possibly be delivered in these next few decades. Thats a rant for another day.


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