Sunday, January 02, 2005

Why am I wasting my time?

Pick up any yellow pages. There must be 100 pages advertising escort services. I had previously wondered - is there really this kind of demand out there to justify this? Of course there this. Simple economics of supply and demand. I was lying in bed last night thinking about this, after another unfruitful night tooling around this city.

For every 350 dollars that I have spent buying grey goose and red bulls, cabs every weekend around town, cover charges for clubs, I could of been guaranteed what ultimately every guy is looking for on these nights. All those hours wasted in random bars killing my liver trying to pick up women seems quite retarded.

Belledejour dot net. Gorgeous women, most of whom I would never have a chance in real life with. Or would end up spending easily 3x the time and money trying for the same results.

A good hour of entertainment in this city is easily 350 dollars. Just wining and dining a potential date for an evening can easily set you back this amount. I certainly can't afford it on my measly salary, but I have friends who make enough money to have escorts around him 24/7.

My conclusion is this: If more men could afford it, everyone would be doing it. People can get over the stigma of paying for sex quite fast. You pay for all your other entertainment in life, why not sex? Guaranteed sex, guaranteed no wasting of your time getting drunk and hitting on random even ugly women at bars and getting your ass denied and your ego bruised.

Perhaps my thinking is all out of sexual frustration. It sure has been an dry few months for me....


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