Sunday, January 02, 2005

This City is Totally Fucked Up

6 months here and I'm already a greedy, conniving, jaded asshole.

Thats what happens when you are constantly reminded of the things you don't have, money you can never make, social status you can never achieve, tiny apartments that cost 2 mil. And nowhere does it happen more than in NYC. Wealth and snobbery are thrown in your face at all times. Women at the gym check out the size of each other's rocks. The quantity of dead animal on a coat. The face lifts and breast jobs. Skilless little fucks who sit on trust funds and truly believe they are better than everyone else. Its present everywhere, but in a city where people are forced to walk talk breathe live in such proximity, everything is magnified.

I'll play the game.

Am I happy making my 7 bucks an hour right now? Yes. Would I do anything else? No.


Blogger Stand Up America said...

Keep the faith. With any luck, or plain good planning on your part, you'll get your dream job in a moderately sized city in the midwest, with a relatively good income, all the nice worldly goods and gadgets you could want and on top of all of that you'll find a genuine decent woman who'll accept you with all your faults, marry you, give you beautiful children that you will cherish, and patients that will think you can walk on water, you with the tremendous bedside manner, that treats nurses like you would treat your mother and go to bed at night thankful for the experience in New York that helped you accomplish all of this. Good night Doc!

10:53 PM  
Blogger AnonymousDoctor said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm really not that bitter... really..

9:08 PM  

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