Saturday, January 15, 2005

Online Dating

Went out on a date last Wednesday night with a woman I met on match dot com. She had initially winked at me, and sent me an email with a whole bunch of her pictures attached. She had seemed quite attractive from the pictures, but when I met with her I was pretty dissapointed. The date well, was terrible. I was totally not feeling any chemistry, even in my "I'm desperate I'll date anything with two breasts and a heartbeat" state. 1. We had initially planned to meet in Union Sq., she gives me a call an hour before and states that she "lost her metrocard" and I should meet her by City Hall by where she lives. Is this not the LAMEST excuse you have ever heard? 2. She looked quite hideous, especially her mottled dirty brown hair tied in pigtails on the side and clipped back in front with these ugly black paperclips. I could not get over starting at her dirty hair half the time. Plus she had bad skin. Didn't look like she made any effort to look halfway decent. 3. She suggested this terrible mexican restaurant that was little more than a tex-mex stand. Conversation flowed freely, but being that I have absolutely nothing in common with her except for our age, it was honestly boring me by the time appetizers came. Being from Switzerland and having lived in SF and NYC, you would expect someone so well traveled in amazing countries and cities to be wordly with interesting stories to tell, but she sat there dull as a rock. Needless to say, I will not be talking to her again.

What a waste of an evening. Lets see if the next ones get any better.


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