Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Romantic Endeavors

Have so far been quite dissapointing. 6 months in NYC, a handful of dates and random hookups, nothing to show for it. Rejections too many to count. Despite the rumors of throngs of young single women that would love to meet young single physicians, I find myself still alone 6 months later, with nary a relationship worth mentioning. Its only on occasion that I find myself wanting to be with sometime, those times when I have too much time to sit around and think. With family 10,000 miles away, good friends here but no serious confidant except KH who is not in the city, it would be nice to share parts of my life with sometime, and to get some support during the rough patches of internship. Some lovin would definately ease the pain too.

I would be SO MUCH more productive if my mind was not constantly thinking about woman and sex. As intelligent and in control as I think I am, I cannot divert my attention to other productive matters, say, reading to make myself a better doctor. If the collective men worldwide took all the time, energy, and money spent thinking about and pursuing women and devoted it to productivity, we would be living in a social utopia with human colonies on Mars a thousand years ago.


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