Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Man I must have the one of the easiest internships...

Compared to some of my other colleagues, I must look like i'm on a year long vacation at times. Lets see - I had 3 days over thanksgiving, basically from Dec 22 to Jan 3rd off, and I'm an INTERN. WTF??

Yes, I've worked my ass off at times, but overall, sheesh, this year ain't that bad at all!! Every time I think of what the medicine, peds, surgery interns have to go through, I cringe in pain.

Rotated through a few months of medicine, q4 in house call, busy as all hell on call, your general medicine scut-work-bull-shit, and they have to do this for 3 YEARS. All so they can compete for lucrative fellowships in Cards, GI for another 3 years? No thanks. I've done enough competing in my applications for college, med school, getting a good residency.

Rotated through the pediatric ICU. PAINFUL. PAINFUL. And the residents in there thought it was one of their better rotations. Man I feel really bad for them.... Kids are very cute, but damn, to suffer that much during residency, come out and struggle looking for a low paying job (in medicine, so shut up) I really hope they love what they are doing. One of the graduating seniors tells me she wants to stay in the area, sent out like 60 applications, is not recieving many interviews. I didn't go through all this college med school residency 12 year crap to struggle looking for a 100K 65 hr/week job. Glad someone will be out there to take care of my kids. Glad its not me.

Surgery - another total WTF. What the hell possesses people nowadays to do general surgery?????? You are commiting yourself to a terrible lifestyle for the rest of your career. What are your options after a gruesome 5-7 years of dignity-less residency? Do gallbladders and appendixes for shitty money for the rest of your life? Or commit another 2-3 years doing a fellowship to come out and have an equally shitty life doing CT, vascular, surgical onc? The plastics people are smart and already have their own programs in place. The lucrative and lifestyle controllable surgical subspecialties like ENT, Ophtho, Ortho, Urology all have their own programs. Kudos to them - really intersting stuff, great money, controllable lifestyle. But general surgery? To me thats a dead end field. Until their salaries triple (in which case I still wouldn't consider it because I enjoy this thing called LIFE) they are going to have a difficult time attracting the best and brightest in the future. Good thing my appendix is already out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so crazy. did you read the anonymous lawyer article in the NYT too?

man i wish there was an anonymous biologist around.

keep it up.

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